More about MEMSA

GCEMS and Mercy Flight members carry a patient to the waiting rotor-wing.

MEMSA was organized in 1979 as a take off from the Private Owner’s Association. The intent was to represent all emergency medical care providers in the State.

In the early years time was spent getting laws, rules and regulations in place to protect both the providers and the people they were training to assist.

The organization has gone through many stages of growth and growing pains. In the early 1980's the organization consisted of an Executive Board comprised of the elected officers, a Board of Directors, made up of Committee Chair people and Regional Representatives. There was also a House of Delegates made up of a representative from each County. The EMS people within each County chose this person. The House of Delegates acted as liaison between the locals and the MEMSA Board. This was changed in later years to be only a Board of Directors made up of the elected officers and two Directors at Large.

The MEMSA produced the first Montana Field Protocols. These are now available as a down load from the Board of Medical Examiners website.

MEMSA board members participate in a number of Montana EMS related Boards, Committees and Councils. These include the 911 Advisory Council, the State Trauma Care Committee, the Child Ready Montana Advisory Committee and the Statewide Interoperability Governing Board.